Boat Charter Agreement Contract

8. NO-ASSIGNMENT: CHARTERER undertakes not to award this contract or to charter the yacht without the written consent of the owner. Charter tax $Additional fees $Total charter commission 1st deposit: in case of signing of the contract. 2. Payment – DeadlinePaiement: (due date 60 days before charter) 12: ACCIDENTS: The owner accepts that, if the yacht, after delivery, machine failure, or disabled or damaged by fire, grounding, collision or other causes to prevent its use by the CHARTERER for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours, or if the yacht is lost or if such damage is so severe that the yacht cannot be repaired within twenty-four hours, none of the continuous or late acts mentioned above are in good standing, charterER must have the right to terminate the charter. The owner must return all charter costs to THE CHARTERER, in proportion to the loss or damage. Payments: The charterer agrees to lease the yacht and pays the charter and other costs agreed with the means specified in this agreement. 14. REDELIVERY: CHARTERER undertakes to re-deliver the yacht, its equipment and equipment, free and free of any debt incurred for/by the CHARTERER after the expiry of the charter. CHARTERER also undertakes to use, replace and replace or replace damage caused by it or one of its members to the yacht, equipment and equipment, unless these claims are covered by insurance, as noted above. This means that CHARTERER is responsible for all costs up to a deductible.

If the CHARTERER were to interfere with the yacht`s re-delivery to the location and the scheduled time for any reason, it would pay the DEmurrage OWNER in proportion to the additional charter time, plus all other losses incurred by the EIGNer in connection with the subsequent late delivery. If the delay in the new delivery is due to a case of force majeure, THE CHARTERER is not responsible for the additional charter costs. Failure or disability: If the yacht is disabled at any time after delivery by machine failure, grounding, collision or other cause, in order to prevent the proper use of the yacht by the charterer for a continuous period of 24 hours or more, and then (unless such a loss of use is caused by an act, negligence or delay of the charterer, where the owner is entitled to reimbursement of damages, etc. by the charterer), a refund is granted after 24 hours of lost time or, if it is agreed to extend the charter period. After the 24-hour waste of time, if the charterer agrees, the owner replaces the yacht with at least one similar or better vessel. If the charterer decides to cancel the remainder of the charter period, the owner reimburses the rental fee in proportion to the time not used. All bonding shops or other goods that may be on board the yacht are cleared by customs before being disembarked. If the charterer or its guests commit an offence contrary to the laws and regulations of a country that leads a crew member or client or yacht to be detained, punished or imprisoned, arrested or confiscated, the charterer must release the owner from all losses, damages and expenses incurred by the owner and the owner may terminate this contract without delay.

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