Lease Agreement Czech Republic

As a general rule, in addition to the termination of a tenant, indeterminate leases generally have reciprocal options to terminate the tenancy agreement by notifying of a termination first at the end of the agreed period and then each subsequent year. Other Common Provisions It should be reiterated that a technical improvement is not in itself a separate asset, even though, under the Meaning of the Income Tax Act, it may, under certain conditions, be depreciated as a separate real asset of real value for the duration of the lease. On a private level, a technical improvement and improvement of the property remain the property of the owner. Understanding your lease is very important! (Source) Unless the parties agree otherwise, the notice period is six months for an indeterminate lease and three months for a fixed-term lease. Within the notice period, the fixed-term contract must be indicated, otherwise the termination is not valid. Unless the parties give other reasons, tenants have the right to terminate a fixed-term lease before the lease expires, including if they have lost (i) the ability to carry out the activity to which the premises were intended; (ii) leased buildings, for objective reasons, are no longer eligible for the activity for which they were intended. , and the lessor provides no equivalent alternative to the tenant, (iii) the lessor grossly violated his obligations to the tenant and (v) the circumstances on which the parties entered into the tenancy agreement have changed to such an extent that it would be inappropriate to require the tenant to continue the tenancy agreement. The lessor has the right to terminate a temporary lease, including if: (i) the property in which the commercial premises are located must be demolished or transformed so that the leased premises can no longer be used, provided that the lessor did not foresee it at the time of the contract and could not foresee it. , or (ii) the tenant grossly breached his obligations to the lessor (for example.B.

the tenant is more than a month late in paying rent or services related to the use of commercial premises), (iii) the tenant is charged with an intentional offence against the landlord, a family member or a person in the building where the commercial premises are located , or against the property of another person in such a building, iv) that commercial premises must be evacuated for reasons of public interest protection or (v) that there is another ground of similar gravity.

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