Mohre Labour Agreement

A work ban cannot be lifted or lifted for a sum of money. A prohibition is a provision of the law against violations of public directives that cannot be compromised. A work ban is not limited to persons holding a work visa, but it also applies to persons who obtain a work permit, work card or employment contract when they commit offences that result in a work ban. This means that a work ban may be imposed on a student who works under the sponsorship of his father or university or a woman who works under the sponsorship of her husband. Thank you for turning around. This will help you check your employment contract online and will save you the wrath of withdrawing an employee letter every time you need to check a certain clause. The Ministry of Personnel and Emiratiization (MOHRE) has a well-integrated online procedure for those who wish to obtain a copy of their online employment contract. You can visit something on the mohre website or on the online portal eN to print a copy of your employment contract. Thank you for turning around. Please note our position: to know the full procedure for obtaining a work card/work permit in Dubai. The work ban is not limited to unskilled workers.

The work ban may apply to all workers in situations where the worker violates the UAE Labour Act and related executive decisions. It is only for employees of companies under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirati-MOHRE. Employees of the free zone have a separate employment contract and are subject to the rules and regulations of the free zone. In addition, a work ban is imposed on new unskilled workers who have not served six months with their respective employers. Hello Hello Good evening, I can have my copy of work contract UPDATE: There seems to be an update because we could not see the website of the Ministry of Labour (MOL). In the following instructions, instead of going to the MOL website, you can simply go to this link –, then go to step 4 in the details below. – Go to the Mohre site – — Below the page, you see the option “Work Card Information” – Choose the option to access the next page — Enter your data such as work card number, person`s code, date of birth and nationality — once the system finds your information, you`ll be brought to the next page – Look at your work card contract online. The card has a valid date The reasons for a work ban issued by MoHRE are different from those issued by the Directorate of Residence and Immigration Affairs. This last point could be based on the work ban itself or on other reasons that are not related to employment issues, such as serious offences, security reasons, illegal entry into the United Arab Emirates, etc.

The work ban is imposed when the worker violates uae labour law and/or related ministerial decisions and circulars, or if he does not comply with the conditions set out in his employment contract. The work ban cancels the worker`s work permit. After the dismissal, the employer must also cancel the worker`s residence visa, since it was initially based on the work permit. I don`t have a work card, but I want to see my work card status online thanks for contacting us. You can`t see the status of your work card without having one. 1. Visit the official website of the MOL (Ministry of Labour). Make sure it`s in English (unless you can read Arabic). Here`s the direct link – – UPDATE — Please see this link and move on to Step 4. Following recent reforms to the UAE labour market, fixed-term contracts apply for a maximum period of time

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