What Is A Ckc Non Breeding Agreement

The CKC registration rules allow the registration of all purebred dogs. Because CKC is an independent registry that operates under its own registration rules, CKC does not collect information on the status of livestock from other registrars. As with other registration organisations, individual membership status is conferred and maintained by compliance with the registration rules, policies and procedures of the organization concerned. Unfortunately, for many purebred dogs, their paper trace has been lost, but they are good examples of their breed and worthy of contributing to the genetic pool of their respective breeds. The pools of purebred dogs are already narrow by closed registers that favor in the first place the breeding of show type with little consideration for the ability to work. The CKC registration is an open record and we have established adequate rules to protect the integrity of the registration. The CKC registration rules give us the right to investigate any member suspected of violating the registration. The CKC examines any rights to an incorrect breed or species or fraudulent information on registration documents. CKC removes membership privileges and purebred status for all dogs that have been found to have false or fraudulent information. As a general rule, a breeder insists on a spay/castration contract. If you have a “non-breeding contract” and still want to raise (even without registering the puppies), you will be in the crowbar of the contract and the breeder will take your dog. If you agreed to a non-breeding contract, why would you rape him? Breeders mark puppies for non-breeding for good reasons.

If unwanted marks that are not better breed or simply that there are too many BYB (backyard growers) try their luck at breeding for simple monetary purposes. Neuter or spay the puppy before he gets pregnant. This is a break from the promise to raise registered or unregistered puppies!!! They could also be prosecuted. Before raising a dog, you should always consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help you determine if your dog is in the right stage of life to cope with the physical demands of breeding, whelping, and puppy care, or they may be able to detect potential problems that need to be addressed before breeding. They can also guide you through the stages of breeding, pregnancy, and whelping. Answer: Yes, CKC offers breeders who register 8 or more breeding animals at the same time or in one (1) calendar year a reduction of only $7.00/dog. Please call our office or email us for more information.

Not to raise him is not to raise him… I`m sure the breeder is waiting for proof of spay/castrated. Answer: If a breeder sells pet quality dogs and does not want them to be sold or included in a breeding program, the CKC breeder needs a written agreement or contract with anyone who receives or buys one of the puppies from the CKC breeder. The agreement/contract should expressly stipulate that the transferred puppy cannot be bred or used for a breeding program. Continental Kennel Club advises all breeders or individuals who sell or place dogs with a written contract detailing the terms of sale. Contracts are concluded and enforced in accordance with state laws and not with registration organizations. Therefore, if a breeder wishes to restrict the breeding rights of dogs sold or placed, this should be done under a contract with a mandatory spay/castrier clause.

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