Audio Visual Service Level Agreement Template

NQAV not only extends the life of your audiovisual assets, but also offers preventative maintenance services to ensure that your systems are operating optimally. These services include: modern companies being so dependent on communication and technology, it is a good idea to keep your audiovisual devices in order. A useful solution is our maintenance or service level agreements, which provide you with assistance and assistance when you need it. Response times are set and strictly respected in ALS, but regardless of that, repairs, maintenance and replacements are always carried out as quickly as possible by teams of experts. In addition to a 24-hour helpline, we also offer the following calls for tenders: The responsibilities of customers who receive this service. In addition, optional ALSs can also set higher access levels for technicians up to 24/7/365, direct access to mobile phones for call technicians, beep access and other negotiated settings. All SLAs are customized and customized to meet your needs. When a customer buys and installs new technologies, they receive warranty information and offers for the maintenance of the new system. The customer, manufacturer and service provider are the three sides of the triangle that make your devices work optimally. However, “this triangle is sometimes difficult to understand,” says Mark Teifert, director of service and support at level 3 audiovisual. Buyers may not know what is included in the warranties or who is responsible for what. It is a simple breakdown of the terms to be sensible and to be sure of the long-term maintenance of your audiovisual investments.

The installation of permanent audiovisual technologies in a classroom, office or conference room must go through the following process: A third type of optional support agreement is called the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Service level agreements are negotiated individually with the client and each define several parameters such as (not limited to) Solving the response to initial call guidelines, current on-site conditions, definition of diagnoses and recommendations, reporting methods and formats, security release and access settings, etc. SLAs can also set a problem-solving setting. When this is defined, we identify “replacement kit components” and other such requirements to correct and reduce downtime and take into account lifecycle management factors. Most ALSs are based on access to technical resources during normal business hours.

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