Car Wash Service Agreement

The service can use downloading our smartphone app from the App Store and creating an account. The customer can report any problems to the provider by email ( or by phone (020 730 9180) day of the week 09:00-15:00. Problems are solved in the first place by the after-sales service. Notifications of service-related incidents are received on 24/7 at 358 20 491 2643 (fixed or mobile 8.23 cents/call and 16.69 cents/min. Juhlapesu`s service troubleshooting service is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. Individual services in the pilot phase are not included in the basic payment as part of the contract, although the pilot phase services are used by the customer and may also be free. For customer safety, all service events are recorded.

The parties are not responsible for indirect or consequential damage, such as income gain or loss of earnings, caused by possible errors and performance defects. The service provider has liability insurance that will reimburse any damages. PandaTip: Tables are a great way to communicate organized information. This proposal contains several tables that visually communicate service schedules, prices and insurance coverage. Insurance certificates that designate [Client.Organization] as additional insured must be subject to [Client.Organization] approval before providing services by [Sender.Company]. Each of the policies listed above covers a period that corresponds to the legally binding service contract mentioned in this proposal or that goes beyond the period. [Sender.Company] is required to file a written notification 30 days prior to the termination of any of the above guidelines. Prices are based on Juhlapesu`s price list, which can be changed in accordance with the terms of the contract. Service fees are charged once a month, unless otherwise agreed. You`ll find detailed prices in Juhlapesus Price List among PandaTip: PandaDoc Tables including optional items, editable quantities and discounts. This price table contains a 7% discount on all services you can remove using the menu on the right.

D. Post-authorization procedures. If the company has approved a proposed point of service, the company offers the developer a franchise to operate a Pronto Service Point on that site by issuing the developer with a form franchise contract for execution by the developer. If necessary under current legislation, the company will provide the developer, in conjunction with this contract, with the circular franchise uniform or an equivalent disclosure document.

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