Separate Maintenance Agreement Kansas

This agreement, also known as “separate alimony”, does not dissolve the marriage. Instead, it deals with the distribution of matrimonial property and debts, child support and custody, and issues relating to the maintenance of spouses. This is similar to divorce in many ways, as you need to file a Separation Agreement from Kansas, but you remain married to your spouse. If one party requests divorce, while the other requests separation, the court will grant the divorce. This measure is taken by those who want to avoid divorce for religious or other reasons, or by those who feel that the marriage is not fully concluded. The right decision between a separate maintenance action and a divorce application is just one reason why the assistance of a lawyer is indispensable. In the case of an action for a break-of-life or divorce, the judge will ultimately decide on your property rights (including your responsibility for the debt) as well as your rights to custody and assistance to your children. If the lawyer does not represent you, if the judge makes these decisions, it can be difficult to get changes to these decisions in the future. Important rights regarding your children and property could be permanently lost. A separation agreement thus becomes a legally binding contract signed by spouses and filed in a Kansas family court, and its complex or detailed nature depends on the couple, which is why, in many cases, spouses consult with a lawyer before trying to prepare their own agreement.

A “separate measure of maintenance” is actually a relic of yesteryear in history, when divorces were difficult to obtain. Separate maintenance cases are usually not submitted. And filing a separate alimony action instead of a divorce can increase costs. When one spouse files a separate support action, the other spouse can file for divorce instead. When a divorce is filed by one of the spouses, the court must grant the divorce instead of the separate application for alimony. The application should be filed with the district court where any spouse lives. The applicant must ask the court to include the separation agreement in the separate maintenance decree. In a separate pension claim, married spouses list the conditions of separation in a written contract, known as a separation agreement. If the court responds to the separate support application, the separation agreement is part of the Court`s order and remains in effect unless the court amends or terminates it. If the parties end up divorcing, the divorce decree will likely also contain the terms of the separation agreement. The duration of regular maintenance ordered by the courts is limited to 121 months; However, the parties may agree on a longer maintenance period in an asset transaction agreement.

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