What Are The Key Documents That Are Included In An Interoperability Agreement (Ia)

Description: This course module provides an introductory overview of semantic interoperability. Description: Presentation that gives an overview of what e-PRIOR is and what are the main features, benefits, objectives, etc. Description: Presentation of the conference with: Results on interoperability governance; organizational interoperability; Integrated Governance of the Public Service. The objective of the workshop was to 1) ensure the understanding and approach of the 3 concepts that are at the heart of the study: interoperability governance, organizational interoperability and integrated governance of the public service; 2) Data collection: on case studies for integrated (European) public services and how they have built their organisational relationships. Provide examples of common process models to identify best practices for interoperability coordination; 3) Assess what additional information should be collected on these case studies. Description: The objective of the global action is to create a common environment for the exchange of information (CISE) that allows for a better understanding of what is happening at sea and makes an important contribution to the efficiency of maritime operations and performance in all sectors of the EU maritime sector. This, in turn, will ultimately ensure safer, cleaner and safer seas. Description: Documentation intended to give a brief introduction to LEOS, open source software created by LegIT – 2016.38 Legislation Interoperability Tools ISA2 Action. Description: Video explaining the European Professional Card (EPC), an electronic procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications in another EU country. It is easier and faster to manage than traditional procedures for the recognition of qualifications and more transparent: you can track your application online and reuse documents that have already been uploaded to start new applications for different countries.

Description: This webinar is an opportunity to: Learn about the pitfalls to avoid in data visualization design Learn how to choose a chart type for your visualization Learn what the data visualization checklist includes. Description: This document provides guidance and definitions for the use of the Interoperability Maturity Assessment of Public Services (IMAPS) model to assess and improve the interoperability maturity of a digital public service. First of all, we give an introduction to the most important concepts within the framework of IMAPS. Second, we present the objectives of IMAPS, the defined maturity levels, and the areas and attributes of interoperability that are subject to observation and evaluation. Finally, we explain the structure of the IMAPS questionnaire and the method that determines the degree of maturity. Description: The guidelines for the successful interconnection of basic registers consist of recommendations to improve access to and networking of authentic information sources at the four levels of the European interoperability framework. Specific and concrete measures are described to help the user improve access to and networking of basic registers. .

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