Just Grab the Patented Solid Glass Ball, Heat and Pull. Our computerized manufacturing process produces the highest quality blanks in 3, 5 or 7-barrel configurations, that you can pull with unsurpassed repeatability. Each barrel comes fitted with a pre-attached 100 micron glass filament, which aids in the tip filling process.

The Quality control begins before manufacturing, when all glass components are pre-cleaned in a high intensity, ultrasonic cleaner and rinsed with heated, de-ionized water. These pipetes must pass a stringent quality control process, and each lot is randomly tested to insure uniformity. This Patented process, allows the researcher to produce more uniform electrodes, and collect more consistent research data, day in and day out.



P-3, Three Barrel Micropipette

P-3 | Three Barrel Micropipette Blanks (Box of 50) 

Price: $479.00

P-5 | Five Barrel Micropipette Blanks (Box of 50) 

Price: $479.00

7 bar re blk n wh

P-7 | Seven Barrel Micropipette Blanks (Box of 50) 

Price: $721.00



LD-303 | Contact Leads for P-3, Assembly 

Price: $121.00

LD-305 | Contact Leads for P-5, Assembly 

Price: $121.00

LD-307 | Contact Leads for P-7, Assembly 

Price: $121.00

PE-300 | Pressure Ejection Kit for P-3, P-5, P-7 with 10 Fittings and Ten Feet of Silicon Tubing 

Price: $121.00

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