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April 2024

A great article highlighting our rodent brain matrix line 

A quick note on new stock… there is some brand new stock in this week (week of April 1st, 2024) including many of our best sellers including the…

➡️ From the large matrices (MBM, DBM, CBM) to the rodent matrices (RBM), to the specialized heart (tissue) matrices (RHM)… these three particular small batches turned out flawlessly and are ready-to-ship immediately. 

Considering a stereotaxic unit? We make, hands down, the best on the market and there has not been a better time to invest in one! Stereotaxic units are made-to-order in 1-3 weeks at the moment depending on the unit. 

March 2024

More new batches of all the Large Brain Matrices, all the Tissue Matrices, and various Rodent Brain Matrices are now in stock as well as our full line of world-class Stereotaxic Accessories.

➡️ Stock-Up and Order Early! ⬅️

NEW PHOTOS! Many new pictures of newly in-stock products!

February 2024

New batches of all the Large Brain Matrices, all the Tissue Matrices, and various Rodent Brain Matrices are now in stock.

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January 2024

Happy New Year’s to you and yours!

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the original Rodent Brain Matrix!
In 1984, we introduced the original, market first, Rodent Brain Matrix. A product that has, over the last 40 years, has completely changed scientific research. Through the years our original Rodent Brain Matrix designs have been the fixture in many of the world’s top universities in countries around the world, both in research and in academia itself. Also, many of the top U.S and overseas companies use and have used our brain matrices to assess and develop theories, new products, and life-changing medicines for people all around the world. 

We are the true original rodent brain matrix and the are best on the market still, with unmatched versatility, cavity definition and slice repeatability. Other competitors may try to imitate our original design through inferior materials, rushed machining, or even just a cheap and, virtually research unviable, 3D printing a piece of material with zero defined cavity.

Moreover, we were also the first to introduce Large Brain Matrices (specifically Monkey, Dog, Cat, Pig) and well as various Tissue Matrices. Like the original Rodent Brain Matrix, these are now often copied all over the world with inferior designs or materials, just compare the brain cavity definition and the slot / material quality to see the undeniable original ASI difference.

40 years of unmatched innovation, 40 years of change, 40 years of making a difference.
Thank you for being here with us, and for your business!
2024 Stereotaxic News:
Drastically lower lead times only 1-3 weeks on standard units*
Updated interior design mechanisms for ever more increased repeatability and accuracy with the added benefit of longer durability

December 2023
Still in stock, brand-new and improved versions of the RBM-2000 series Rodent Brain Matrices (both Coronal and Sagittal Sections).

Along with the RBM-2000 C/S, many other models in the RBM series like the RBM-3000, 4000 (s) and 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 are in stock and more to come in the coming weeks!

RBM-1000 series and popular RBM-4000C will be back in stock next week. (Week of 12/25)

*Our engineering staff will work with you to develop Custom Rodent Brain Matrices to meet your specific lab needs.*

“The Best Anywhere”

Get your orders in as soon as possible, particularly on the the new batch of RBM-4000C.

November 2023
Great News!

Due to new improved and streamlined machining processes, the time to produce our Large Brain Matrices (MBM, DBM, CBM, and PBM) is significantly lower than at any point in the life of the product line.

In the coming months we will be building stock of all standard Large Brain Matrices like never before.

We still have limited stock on many of the models.

We are also working on these improvements for the RBM line as well. We will keep you updated in future newsletters.

What Our Customers Have Been Saying…

“The size of the mold was perfect… so I am very happy with how the matrix turned out and the sections we were able to get. Thank you so much for your help in this whole process… If we ever need another matrix or have any questions, I know who to reach out to. “

In these ever changing and evolving times it is more important than ever to get ahead of the future demands. From accessories, to make the everyday things go more smoothly, or custom designed orders to fit your labs specific of your research needs. As an industry leader and true innovator in Preclinical Imaging, Stereotaxic Instrumentation, and Brain Matrices, we here at ASI Instruments, Inc. are here to meet the demands of your lab for today and for the future.

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