Soon after the  introduction of the Rodent Brain Matrix product line, ASI Instruments introduced a second revolutionary dissection product group: the Tissue Matrix. It was developed to aid in the free hand dissection of  tissue samples other than brain tissue.  Researcher have use this product  for eye dissection, cow liver dissection, spinal cord dissection, and core punch reduction to 1mm sections. These units live up to the standards of durability and performance among tissue dissection aids.

These are part of “The Original” metal matrices line of products and still the highest quality instrument on the market today. We truly have the largest selection of matrices on the planet. ASI Instruments coined the product name, the name that has become a standard in labs around the world, the name Tissue Matrix.

These units are manufactured in High Grade Aluminum Alloy for unsurpassed durability. You can chill them, sterilize them, subject them to the rigorous daily use and still afford them.

Our Matrices have a Patented Self-Cleaning Slot Design for easy maintenance and clean-ability. Once, again raising the bar in instrument design.

“The Best Anywhere” say scientists who are quickly obtaining repeatable sections as small as 1mm (except where noted), day after day, year after year, even from lab to lab and at chilled temperatures.

Our engineering staff will work with you to develop Custom Tissue Matrices to meet your specific lab needs.

                                                                                                                                        TISSUE MATRICES PRODUCTS

(Custom Tissue Matrices Available to Meet Your Specific Lab Needs)

BTK-130 | Brain & Tissue Knives for Matrices, Stainless Steel, .010” thick, 130 mm long (package of 50)

Price: $231.00

TM-1000 | 10mm x 10mm Chamber w/1mm Slices

Price: $787.00

TM-1500 | 15mm x 15mm Chamber w/1mm Slices

Price: $787.00

TM-400S | 4mm Spherical Chamber

Price: $787.00

TM-600S | 6mm Spherical Chamber

Price: $787.00

TM-2000 | 20mm x 20mm Chamber w/2mm Slices

Price: $787.00

TM-2500 | 25mm x 25mm Chamber w/2mm Slices 

Price: $787.00

TM-1000V | 6mm Diameter V Shaped Chamber w/1mm Slices

Price: $787.00


TM-1500V | 12mm Diameter V Shaped Chamber w/1mm Slices  

Price: $787.00


(Custom Matrices Available to Meet Your Specific Lab Needs)


RHM-4000C |  Rabbit Heart Matrix, Adult, 2mm Slots 

Price: $787.00


RHM-7000C |  Rabbit Heart Matrix, Adult, 2mm Slots 

Price: $908.00

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