ASI Instruments is dedicated to engineering products that satisfy the needs of everyday Research Scientists. With the introduction of the SAS-4100 we brought this commitment into reality, presenting a product that is flexible but also practical. The SAS-4100 can be described as an economical option with innovative features that make this model stand apart from its contemporaries.

Our company was the first to offer the inclusion of Calibrated Knobs on all axes which provide researchers with not only greater ease, but more accurate readings than the vernier scales commonly found on other designs.

Advanced Slide Technology is integrated into the complete line of stereotaxic manipulators. This technology provides researchers with unparalleled precision, with a user-friendly interface.

ASI Instrument’s innovative Tilt-and-Swivel Mechanism includes 90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of swivel, and is both operated and controlled by an intelligently designed single-lever, locking mechanism. This is, by far, the easiest to use universal joint available and actually locks into place better than our competitors’ designs.

The Open “C” Frame gives users a more pronounced sense of openness as well as a depth of access to research specimens. In comparison to raised frame designs, the open frame serves as a more reliable platform.

The SAS-4100 provides an unsurpassed stereotaxic surgery platform that not only guarantees reliability, but that is built with the subtle nuances that enhance the entire research experience.

     multiple stereotaxic system     




Made-to-order just for you.

NEW for 2024 Drastically lower lead times only 1-3 weeks on standard units*

NEW for 2024 Updated interior design mechanisms for ever more increased repeatability and accuracy with the added benefit of longer durability

All Stereotaxic accessories are in stock and ship within 1 business days

What Our Customers Have Been Saying…

“…you make the best stereotaxes available and have always been there for repairs, extra parts and to custom make components when we needed them”

*longer lead times on custom orders / items.

Complete Systems


 SAS-4100 & SAS-5100 res

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SAS-4100 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (1) MM-4100 Micromanipulator, 50 Micron Resolution 

Price: $5,191.00

SAS-4120,&SAS-5120 res

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SAS-4120 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (2) MM-4100 Micromanipulators, 50 Micron Resolution  

Price: $8,349.00

SAS-4100 & SAS-5100 res

 SAS-5100 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (1) MM-5100 Micromanipulator, 10 Micron Resolution 

Price: $7,054.00

SAS-4120,&SAS-5120 res

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SAS-5120 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (2) MM-5100 Micromanipulators, 10 Micron Resolution 

Price: $11,035.00

Start DSC_0303_1a res

 SAS-44611 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (1) MM-4200 Micromanipulator, 50 Micron Resolution 

Price: $8,990.00

SAS-54612_DIG res *show with optional and additional SDA-3000

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SAS-44612 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (2) MM-4200 Micromanipulators, 50 Micron Resolution 

Price: $11,781.00

Start DSC_0303_1a res

SAS-54611 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (1) MM-5200 Micromanipulator, 10 Micron Resolution 

Price: $10,007.00

SAS-54612_DIG res *shown with optional and additional SDA-3000

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SAS-54612 | Small Animal Stereotaxic System Includes: (2) MM-5200 Micromanipulators, 10 Micron Resolution 

Price: $15,028.00

stm_4 res

 SDA-3000 | Digital Readouts, all 3 Axes, .01 mm Resolution, Zero Reset, Battery Powered, Will fit on any 2009 Model Stereotaxic System, Factory Install Only 

Price: $2,795.00

Digital Readouts for Stereotaxic Devices
Installed on factory bought Stereotaxic devices at time of purchase, can also be installed on used units during a recalibration service

Who are Digital Readouts Best For?
 For high-use labs
– For those with a greater need for both deeply precise measurements, and zero reset.
– For those needing readout readings in inches and in millimetres, with a unequaled scale of control and accuracy compared to non-digital versions

Stereotaxic Micromanipulators
For use on 18.7mm or 21.65mm Square AP Bars, Please Denote Size When Ordering

MM-4200 – MM-4400: Micromanipulators with 3mm per Revolution Lead Screws and 50 Micron Resolution via Calibrated Knobs.

MM-4200 & MM-5200 , w_MS-600 res

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MM-4200 | 80mm ML/DV, 30mm AP, Tilt-Swivel 

Price: $4,417.00

MM-4300 |  80mm ML/DV, Tilt-Swivel 

Price: $4,102.00

MM-4400 | 80mm ML/DV, 30mm AP 

Price: $3,303.00

MM-5200 – MM-8000: Micromanipulators with 1mm per Revolution Lead Screws and 10 Micron Resolution via Calibrated Knobs.

MM-4200 & MM-5200 , w_MS-600 res

MM-5200 | 80mm ML/DV, 30mm AP, Tilt-Swivel 

Price: $5,639.00

MM-5300 | 80mm ML/DV, Tilt-Swivel 

Price: $5,639.00

MM-5400 | 80mm ML/DV, 30mm AP, Extended Travel for Large Animal Stereotaxic Frames 

Price: $4,465.00

MM-8000 | 80mm ML/DV, 80mm AP, Tilt-Swivel, Extended AP Travel 

Price: $6,171.00

MM-8000/3 | 80mm ML/DV, 80mm AP, Tilt-Swivel, Extended AP Travel,  50 Micron Resolution 

Price: $5,009.00

Stereotaxic Micromanipulators

(For SAS-4100 and SAS-5100, Prices Include Mounting)

MM-4100 | 80mm ML/DV/AP, Tilt-Swivel, 50 Micron Resolution, 3mm Lead Screw 

Price: $4,840.00

MM-5100 | 80mm ML/DV/AP, Tilt-Swivel, 10 Micron Resolution, 1mm Lead Screw 

Price: $5,542.00

Stereotaxic Frames

(Includes Head Holder and Ear Bars, *Available as 21.6mm Square AP Bars. Denote Bar Size When Ordering)

SF-4100 resized

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SF-4100 | Small Animal Stereotaxic Frame, 10” x 15” Dupont Corian Base 

Price: $3,666.00

DSC_0254 resized

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SF-1450AP | Small Animal Stereotaxic Frame, 12” x 16” Aluminum Base, (2) AP Bars with 100mm Calibration (18.7mm  square)

Price: $5,639.00

Stereotaxic Accessories

World-class design and production with universal applications. From our diverse line of Holders to our innovative line of Adaptors… we have the high-quality accessories your lab needs.

What sets our Stereotaxic Accessories Apart?
– Universal applications between Stereotaxic devices and differing brands
– High-quality aluminum and stainless steel constructions
– Multi-level quality control testing within each step of production and assembly
– Made in small, precise, batches in the USA

 RA-100 recolor resize

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RA-100 | Rodent Adapter, for Adult Rat 

Price: $648.00

RA-100G resized 2

RA-100G |  Rodent Gas Adapter, for Adult Rat and Mouse 

Price: $648.00

RA-200, ASI mouse adapt res

RA-200 | Rodent Adapter, for Mice & Neonatal Rat 

Price: $648.00


EB-918 | Ear Bars, Standard, 18° Tip 

Price: $399.00


EB-927 | Ear Bars, A-Traumatic, 27° Tip 

Price: $399.00


EB-945 | Ear Bars, A-Traumatic, 45° Tip for Mouse 

Price: $399.00

MDD-1020-US | Stereotaxic Drill, w/drill holder to attach to the Stereotaxic arm 110 V, Std. Plug Type

Price: $1,568.00

EH-100 white bckgrd final

EH-100 |Electrode Holder, Standard 

Price: $266.00

EH_600_L white background

EH-600 | Electrode Holder, Fine Stimulation, Holds up to 1.omm Glass 

Price: $496.00

PH-300 white bkgrd

PH-300 | Pipette Holder, 1mm-3mm Pipettes, Stereotaxic 

Price: $496.00

PH-375 recolor resize

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PH-375 | Pipette Holder, 1mm-3mm Pipettes 

Price: $278.00

SH-800 resized

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SH-800 | Syringe Holder, with .3125” Dia. x 3.0” Lg Rod 

Price: $333.00


SH-800L | Syringe Holder, with .3125” Dia. x 6.0” Lg Rod 

Price: $333.00

GP-500 new wht bcgrd

GP-500 | General Purpose Holder, .5” with 12.7mm Dia. 

Price: $333.00

DH-1907 | Drill Holder, Holds up to 19.07mm Dia. 

Price: $503.00

DH-1000 | Drill Holder, Holds up to 1.0” Dia. 

Price: $503.00

MS-600 recolor 2

MS-600 | Micromanipulator Stand Base 

Price: $714.00


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AD-312 |  Adapter/Electrode Holder, .3125 Dia. 

Price: $132.00

RC-101 | Stereotaxic Instrument Recalibration Service 

Price: $666.00

RAM-100 | Rat Anesthesia Mask, Fits RA-100G 

Price: $532.00

MAM-200 | Mouse Anesthesia Mask, Fits RA-100G 

Price: $532.00

*Shown below is the MAM-200 and the MAM-200 on the sold separately RA-100G

SK-1 | Complete Knob Service Screw Kit, Full set of replacement screws; for a Stereotaxic

Price: $45.00

SK-2 | Ear Bar Screw Kit, Screws for Ear Bars (C-Frame); replacement screws

Price: $16.00

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